Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kashi Frozen Dinner Product Review

So kashi was doing some kind of promotional thing a few months ago where they sent you a coupon for a free kashi frozen meal. I got mine about a month ago, and decided to have it for lunch today. I sometimes eat the smartones santa fe rice and beans. I picked up the Kashi Southwest Style Chicken. It was really, really good. The chicken is REAL chicken, and not the fake processed chicken. The veggies are crunchy and you can see the grill marks on them. The sauce is good, and the base is wheat rice and barley. Like I said it is GOOD, here are the Nut facts

  • Calories- 240

  • Fat-5

  • Carbs- 32

  • Sugar- 3

  • Protein- 16

I was able to eat the whole meal. It's very filling! I give this an A++! NOTE- I added my own cheese to the picture*


  1. I haven't used my coupon yet, but i need to! This looks great!